Colour Therapy

Colour TherapyIt only takes a few minutes to understand how colour therapy can bring about positive change in your life, or simply help you through the stresses of the day.

What is Colour Counselling?

When people are stressed or go through a traumatic life event people sometimes seek a therapist to help them through their difficulties, such events may also have a detrimental effect on their well-being that can result in seeking medical advice or treatment.

Colour counselling is about advising the client on the use of colour therapy as a practical way of assisting the natural healing process. Colour therapy is a self help therapy and a recognised form of complementary medicine that combines colour psychology and spiritual healing. It is good for stress related conditions, where a positive frame of mind is needed to combat illness, or help make a full recovery from a physical illness. Once you are able to resolve the stresses in your life the resulting psychosomatic symptoms will dissappear.

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Prevent aging and look younger!

No one likes to age. Everyone in the world wants to stay younger as long as possible and for these they use various cosmetic products, diets and supplements. But the truth is nothing can stop you from aging. Not only the age, different other factors such as environmental toxins, poor nutritional values, dangerous temptations, smoking and diet filled with chemicals can also speed up your aging. But you can make better choices to slow down the process of aging. Your aging is affected by your lifestyle choices as well. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that contains anti-aging features. You can use various supplements and diets of collagen for skin.

Some of the common anti-aging tips are given below –

  • Stop smoking
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Drink sufficient amount of water
  • Do meditation regularly
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Stay away from excessive exposure of sunlight

Here is a list of some of the natural anti-aging secrets given as follow –

  • Start using ozonated oil

The process of detoxification is carried on by the human body with the help of your skin. Oxygen plays a very important role in this process. Use ozonated oils so that more oxygen can be received by your system. Your skin can be moisturized, the appearance of fine lines and age spots can be improved, infections like gingivitis or athletes’ foot can be fought against, skin conditions like eczeme can be healed and burns, cuts and stings can be healed by ozonated oils. The natural beauty of the skin can be restored by an agent called ozone and the skin is cleansed and healed by the process of oxygenation.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When Khloe Kardashian was spotted at on international television for an interview with the People Channel, Khloe Kardashian loses weight became the most talked about topic in the world of blitz and glitz where looking attractive at all times is very important.

Once ruthlessly criticised for being overweight, this actress has become the apple of the eye for everyone. She had sportingly taken up the challenge to lose weight and come back to the glamorous world where she was once considered to be unfit due to her physique. After shedding 35 pounds of excess fat from her body, Khloe is back with much more grace and elegance in her persona. At a tender age of 31, this young celebrity has become the idol and inspiration for many people for losing weight.

Belonging to the well-known family of The Kardashian’s, this once upon a time called “fat sister” had devised her own diet plan for losing 35 pounds in these few years. At the interview, she shared her personal experience during her childhood days which made her determined to lose weight and look graceful as soon as possible. She also shared with the viewers her diet plan along with some tips which would help the person in maintaining their shape. Here is the detailed diet plan of Khloe Kardashian which she can easily vouch for to give you quick results.

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Secret to look younger today!

anti-wrinkle injectionsThe world which we live in assigns a lot of importance to beauty. This is the reason why people in this age give a lot of importance to their presentation. But have you imagined a scenario that the day will come when your beauty will fade away and instead of your beautiful and even skin, will give way to wrinkles all over? Well, if you wish to avoid such a situation, then why not try and use Melbourne anti-wrinkle injections?

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are an extremely safe and a very good and powerful solution for different types of wrinkles. Because of this, many people are going for this treatment in cosmetic clinics as they are extremely fast and reliable processes. The best part about anti-wrinkle treatment is that each session is a quick one. So therefore, you do not have to waste a lot of your precious time on this treatment, but can resume your work easily after each session at the clinic!

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